Wednesday, February 01, 2006

412 email blast

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

Our CD for the campaign for city council includes a story called Diamonds by Meg Barnhouse. Her great message from a mom's perspective cuts to the chase on the value of baseball. I'd love for you to get the CD and listen to her story.

P-G reports that NINE players are in the race for city council:

I'm the one who wants to work with our most precious resources:
+ our kids, and,
+ our liberties, as in FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all.

We're getting t-shirts too. White jerseys, black ink. Front says:

You'll be able to get the CD, the t-shirt -- and hear a wonderful
concert in our home / office on Thursday, Feb 2. The performer is
Johnsmith. He'll do his tune that I love: "Don't Put Me In a Box."

Here two tunes -- and -- a 30-minute radio interview with me from the
Pitt radio studios.

Hope to see you at the rally and concert on Thursday night.
+ Media at 5 pm.
+ Family set, arrival after 5:15 pm, music and program from 6-7 pm.
+ Set for civic leaders, arrival after 7:15 pm, music and program from 8-9 pm.


If you can't make it this Thursday, next Thursday evening starting at
6:30 pm we'll be holding another special event for the Olympics in
Oakland at the Three Rivers Fitness and Sports Medicine Center, near
Carlow. Our opportunity to focus on messages of kids' fitness and
performance won't be lost.

I'm going to help to promote two contests with a fun prize package
geared to the Olympics.
+ Predict the USA team's medal count: gold, silver and bronze.
+ Predict the top five nations in total medals at the Olympics.

More news soon.


Mark Rauterkus
412 298 3432 = cell

Candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, district 3, special election on 3-14-06.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Nice recent reply via email in response to my 412 blast invite:


You'll be hearin' from me, mister.

(name nuked)

(And don't count me out because I live in the semi-suburb of Brentwood -- I've got THREE baseball playin' native Pittsburghers who love the Steelers and my "mom factor" makes me someone you might want to get to know. One of my main initiatives as a metropolitan mother *outside-the-city-but-only-by-a-block* in the past few years is to get kids out of the suburbs and into the city. But it goes both ways -- you've got to keep working to make it more family-friendly, and continue working even harder to change the perception that it isn't. My kids can deal with seeing homeless -- other more "sensitive," shall we say, kids who've been suburb-sheltered might not.

Either way, I'll be coming to your rally to see what YOU have to say!)