Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nonprofits are leading the charge....

Charge -- as in credit card charges?
OnQ Presents: Our Region's Next Renaissance
Tune in Thurs., Feb. 9 starting at 7:30 p.m. on WQED tv13

The Pittsburgh region's next renaissance is underway, and local nonprofits are leading the charge. In this installment, "OnQ" correspondent Tonia Caruso begins the coverage with a trip to Waynesburg, Greene County, where residents take an active role in non-profit revitalization projects.

Stay tuned after "OnQ" for another half-hour devoted to civic engagement. It's a live Town Hall meeting hosted by Chris Moore, who will take questions from viewers and a studio audience. Chris will be joined by Gregg Behr (The Forbes Funds), Aradhna Dhanda (Leadership Pittsburgh) and Gregory Crowley (Coro Center for Civic Leadership) to talk about how Pittsburgh's nonprofits are leading our region's next renaissance. We'll look at success stories and critical issues that need to be addressed. And we'll also talk about how nonprofits are working together to make a difference. If you can't join us in the studio, pick up the phone and call in with a question or comment. This program is the fourth of five town hall meetings to be held each month through March 2006.
The nonprofits have a place in Pittsburgh. However, that place needs to be contained. I've called for a complete moratorium on all nonprofit land expansion within the city limits. If the nonprofits want to expand, they should do it upward, not outward.

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