Thursday, February 02, 2006

PA Senate Bill 1085 -- call to Wayne Fontana from Mark Rauterkus

A major healthcare reform bill has been introduced in the PA Senate by Jim Ferlo.

Contact your State Senator and ask that he or she co-sponsor the bill,

Contract your state representative and ask if him or her to consider a co-sponsor's role. A lead sponsor is still needed.

Write, phone or e-mail Sen. Ferlo and thank him for taking the lead in sponsoring this legislation.

Lean about the bill and pass around the insights on the bill to others.

The next PUSH strategy meeting is tomorrow, Friday, Jan 28, 2006, 9:30 a.m., 33 Terminal Way, South Side. This big building is between 3d & 4th Streets.

Add your name to the PUSH address list so you will receive occasional mailings. You can become a member of PUSH by sending $10 or more to PUSH at the above address.

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1085 - "The Balanced and Comprehensive Health Reform Act."

This legislation assures comprehensive health coverage for every Pennsylvanian, adopts the cost efficiencies of a single payer Health Care Trust, solves the medical malpractice through a no-fault system that assures fair compensation where appropriate while reducing doctor/hospital malpractice premiums, embraces and underwrites a new "wellness curriculum" in our schools and encourages a community wide "culture of wellness" to support a renewed personal commitment to a healthful lifestyle, it supports sensible strategies to eliminate medical errors, ends unjust disparity, and much much more.

Groots effort by citizens across the Commonwealth and mainly in Pittsburgh have been pushing behind the scenes on top-flight solutions for Pennsylvania. This effort is a comprehensive and innovative approach to health care reform. Pennsylvania can be the center of the health care reform.

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