Thursday, February 09, 2006

Questions I'll be giving answers to shortly

1) The City is expected to have a budget deficit in future years; do you support further cuts or an increase in taxes to resolve this issue?

2) How would you have voted on Act 47?

3) Tax Increment Financing is a very controversial issue because it is not being used as the legislation intended it to be used (i.e. redevelopment of brownfields). What will you do to prevent the misuse of TIF’s?

4) Which slots application do you support?

5) How will you implement community based development plans for each neighborhood in the District?

6) District 3 is home to the 2nd highest percentage of 18-24 year olds. How will you improve the vibrancy of the District to keep young people in Pittsburgh? Do you support an active night life, such as live performances and other arts?

7) Domestic partner rights are being threatened by state lawmakers. How will you protect same sex benefits for City employees?

8) City Council recently imposed a buffer zone around health care clinics. Will you work to enforce local laws that protect a woman’s right to choose?

9) What is your position on the Mon-Fayette Expressway? What forms of alternative transportation do you support to provide a solution to the region’s transportation problems?

10) What is your position on the strip mining of the Hays site for a racetrack/casino? What should the City do to proactively protect Hillsides and green space?

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