Monday, February 06, 2006

South Side post-game -- Super Bowl

I didn't see any couches on the street in an inferno, thankfull. The choppers are still overhead at 1:22 am.

I'm sure the officers are going to get ready to go home soon. They mobalized a bit around 12:30, and I wanted to end my walk as a neighborhood nebster, but I was past by the Birmingham Bridge.

There were plenty of police on the South Side. I'm going to guess that there were 200 from Station Square to the other end of the Flats and a dozen or two along the hillsides. ??

Everyone seemed to be doing a nice job. The night was filled with a lot of hooting of fans, talking on cell phones and taking of photos and video.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

Hay Mark, I envy you here in Oakland we got students that over turned a car between the Union and the Cathedral. I got some pictures of the car over turned, and after the police left they started to storm the car and go on it and danced on the over turned car, it seamed that the bad behavior was confided to Oakland, well that is what it sounded like on my Police Scanner. When the students jumped on the car, there was a major surge to the car, I was being pushed at the car, at that point, I decided to retreat I did not want to be apart of that, I regrouped with my friends on the Union's lawn then we went home, as we were leaving the SWAT team arrived. As we were leaving there was some kid trying to insight people against the SWAT team. It was insane, and when I got home I turned on the Police Scanner, and listen to it, that is where I got my info that the rioting was confined to the Pitt campus area. It was just odd, and it saddens me (as an alumni) that the students at Pitt would do such thing.