Saturday, February 04, 2006

The War on T-Shirts - Yahoo! News

My new t-shirt, by the way, came out for the first time on Thursday, for our campaign concert with singer/songwritter, Johnsmith. I had talked about it and shown the artwork to the audience at the candidate forum on Monday night. Its buzz began, right on this blog.

Furthermore, one of my t-shirts is already in Detroit -- on the back of a Steeler fan. She doesn't have a ticket -- but she has the kwel Liberty XL shirt!

In other t-shirt news....
The War on T-Shirts - Yahoo! News Minutes before the President of the United States would tell the Congress how much he appreciates 'responsible criticism and counsel,' the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was dragged from a gallery overlooking the House chamber where Bush would speak, handcuffed and arrested for the 'crime' of wearing a T-shirt that read: '2245 Dead. How many more?'

Cindy Sheehan, who had been invited to attend George Bush's State of the Union address by Representative Lynn Woolsey (news, bio, voting record), the California Democrat who co-chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus, did not put the 'dangerous' shirt on for the event. The woman whose protest last summer outside the President's ranchette in Crawford, Texas, drew international attention to the antiwar movement, had been wearing it at events earlier in the day.

Indeed, as Sheehan, who had passed through Capitol security monitors without incident, noted, 'I knew that I couldn't disrupt the address because Lynn had given me the ticket and I didn't want to be disruptive out of respect for her.'

No one has suggested that Sheehan was in any way disruptive.

So why was she arrested?

Because, as Sheehan recounts, she was identified as a dissident.
Dissent -- a fine concept. Another word for a person who causes dissent in Pittsburgh is nay-sayer. I've been a 'nay-sayer' to the N-th degree.


Anonymous said...

There's a major difference between a dissident, like Sheehan, and a nay-sayer, a term popularized by former Mayor Tom Murphy, who used the term to describe anyone who thought different than him. Or in other words, a majority of residents and others interested in the way Pittsburgh was run.

Sheehan was taken out of the House Chamber because of the political message of the t-shirt, just like the widely publicized people who were taken out because they wore a t-shirt SUPPORTING THE WAR.

It should be remembered that Sheehan has abused her son's memory for her own political agenda (young Mr. Sheehan enlisted not once, but twice, so he could serve in Iraq and Mr. Sheehan, the husband, has filed for divorce, hoping to distance himself from his wife's disruptive and borderline treasonous ways). And don't forget, her surviving children pleaded for her to return home, but she remained the darling of the socialist left, traveling from coast to coast with some of the most unemployable and reprensible troglodytes our country has to offer.

There may be charges brought against Representative Lynn Woolsey, who welcomed trouble by giving a ticket to the polarizing Sheehan. Woolsey is either too stupid to be an elected official, or just too arrogant. Obviously, she's both.

Sheehan just needs to be ignored, so she can return to the shadows of anonymity where someone of her opportunitist tendencies and true disregard for her family rightly belongs.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Wow, you let it rip on that one Tom.

I checked out this story. I don't think Sheehan is going to be ignored. She is seeking a seat in the US Congress now, I think, as a candidate. So, more attention is going to turn her way, not less.

I don't know if she is going to win or not -- or if she is a worthy candidate / politician. I'll sit on the sidelines of that discussion for now. But, my mode of operations is generally to NOT ignore.

Here in Pittsburgh, various pockets of the city have been ignored, sadly. The hilltop communities think everything comes to the South Side. They feel forgotten.

I would rather shine a light on things -- and then watch what happens. Some may melt. Some good may come about. Some my scurry like little bugs that don't want to be seen. But, to ignore, --- generally not a good idea. Easy, yes. Healthy, no.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan brings nothing to the table other than ugliness and disruption. She's embarrassing her son's memory. I choose to embrace the vast majority of military mothers who lost sons and daughters that treat their children as the true Patriots and heroes that they are.

She should not be considered a media darling as she has in some corners. She brings cowardice and aids as well as comforts our enemies.

Let Sheehan run for US Congress and let's hope the media covers her candidacy with candor and honesty. If that happens, she will NOT win.

For a candidate to compare themselves with Cindy Sheehan is a bad thing.