Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"At this point, our franchise has entered a period of uncertainty."

This is a direct quote:
"At this point, our franchise has enters a period of uncertainty."
There is that concept -- 'certainty' -- raising its ugly head again.

The Blackberry guy stood before the gaming board and talked about the IOC plan being a 'certain' -- and days later he bailed.

Now the period of being uncertain dawns! Now that the IOC didn't get the slots license!

Think again.

Official Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins: STATEMENT FROM KEN SAWYER, CEO OF THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS ... At this point, our franchise enters a period of uncertainty, ...
Mr. Craig Patrick and Upside-down-guy. "Put the factory near the customers" Photo taken at an airport area chamber of commerce meeting in January, 2006.

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