Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Memo to David Caliguri. Don't be a part of the legal challenge.

Franco, the same message fits for you too.

Don't cry over spit milk. It didn't just spillllll.

David, in a few years, we'll forgive you for your role in the IOC plan. That will be old news if it becomes old news soon.

David, I hope the IOC work paid well. Fine. You gotta make a living. More power to you. But, I also hope that you can display that you're a good sport.

I'd hate to see any challenges to the decision.

But, let's be clear. If there is some ethical problems, holes in the plans, constructive critical insights -- spill the beans. Scrutiny is welcomed. Air grievances in the name of Festivus! David Caliguri might be able to walk that edge and reveal his opposition research for the benefit of the city. But, this needs to be about moving forward, not asking for a re-do.

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