Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DelMonte and Equitable Gas -- not happy


DelMonte and Equitable can move office workers back to downtown locations. Plenty of office space is available in our downtown neighborhood. Move into the space now used by PAT, for starters. Better to put employees farther away from a slots parlor. I'd not be happy if I was Equitable. But then again, Equitable choose to build a new building, with handsome perks, in an entertainment district.

How do you think Duquesne University and parents of those who send their young scholars to D.U. would have felt if a slots parlor would have moved to the edge of its campus. Employees are farther away physically than the college students would have been. And, employees are older, wiser, more responsible.

The Carnegie Science Center isn't upset about the new neighbor.

Any complaint from the Steelers and Pirates should come with a quick objection. Neither the Pirates nor the Steelers own their stadiums. They are not owners. If they want the voice of ownership -- buy their stadiums from the public.


Anonymous said...

College kids won't be crowding the slot parlors anyway. We want table games. Slots are for older people.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Table games -- humm... I've ranted about that too.

Bring table games in after a vote by the citizens.

Bring table games in after another $300-million.

Bring table games in for a limited period. Sunset the license for table games, unlike the sunset for the slots parlor.

And, it might be nice to have the table games award go to the highest bidder.