Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keystone Politics dishes out some gifts of note

Keystone Politics :: Pennsylvania Politics, PA Government, Harrisburg Gossip For Pittburgh’s mayor, Luke Ravenstahl… we give a box of “Just for Men”, because we know the graying process is going to start early for you.

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Anonymous said...

Ken K's letter to Santa, along the same theme:

Dear Santa:

Hi. How are you? I'm writing to thank you for all the cool Christmas
presents you brought me this year. Thank you so much!

First off, thanks for the neat Russ Diamond action figure. Now I can
pretend I'm tossing out the corrupt Harrisburg leadership, just like Russ
did. Take THAT, you payraising scum! Hit 'em right in the Supreme Court,
Russ! Retain THIS, Justice Nigro! POW! That's what you guys get for
being so naughty!

Santa, thanks also for finally putting on TV the Abington Township
Commissioners meetings. I've been asking for that present since 2001! To
be honest, I'm kind of disappointed that only one out of ten meetings are
getting broadcast. It makes me wonder what the commissioners are trying
to hide. Isn't government supposed to be open and honest? Maybe the
commissioners are being naughty too?

Most of all, Santa, thank you for giving me a Democratic state house and
US Congress. Now don't get me wrong; I'm no Democrat! But the
Republicans were walking all over everybody, what with all their made-up
excuses for wars, arrogant bullying, religious zealotry, and warrantless
searches. Someone has to stop them, Santa, but I'm worried that the
Democrats aren't going to be all that much better. Instead of Democrats,
maybe next year you can please bring me more Libertarians? I know, I
know -- I already have over 600 Libertarians in public office. But nobody
else seems to care very much about following the rule of law or the
Constitution. Isn't that what made America strong? And what would become
of us without our Constitution?

Anyway, thank you for my presents, Santa. You helped make it a very
Merry Christmas for this young patriot, even if I didn't get the peace on
Earth and good will towards men that I also asked for.

Your Friend,

- Kenny

Ken Krawchuk
Libertarian for Pennsylvania Governor (1998, 2002)
Past Chair, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (2002-04)

Krawchuk '02
c/o PO Box 260
Cheltenham, Penna. USPO 19012

(215) 881-9696 (voice)
(215) Krawchuk (fax)