Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wooden Nickles, from running mate, Mark C (again)

At the Allegheny County LPPGH Holiday Party (12/20/2006) one of our speakers, Johannes Ernharth (a past LPPGH chair and financial planner), spoke about some of the deep financial problems facing the country.

He mentioned that it's now illegal to take more than some set amount of change out of the country and that it's illegal to melt our coinage for the value of the metal.
That's the sad result of a money policy that inflates our currency and, thus, drives up the apparent value of most everything else in terms of that inflated currency.

FYI, here is an interesting web site:

It shows the value of our coin money based on its alloy composition and the current value of metals. Note that even that today's lowly penny (largely zinc) is now worth less than the equivalent amount of zinc and copper. At this rate, can we expect wooden nickels sometime after the 2008 election?


PS -- If you didn't hear about illegal coin melting read this:

Johannes Ernharth digs in his pocket, for a wooden nickle perhaps. On the left is Chuck M, recent chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party and on the right is Harold, a long-time leader among the Allegheny County Libertarian movement.

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