Friday, December 22, 2006

Call to Flip Side -- ends in a quick click

Happy Festivus Eve.

Headline in today's Tribune Review: "Pens start looking out of town." Exactly!

The Pens should move off The Hill. Move to an Allegheny County destination. Build the new arena near the airport.

The prior caller said, "Show me the money." That isn't ideal. Rather, we've got to guide the conversation into "Show me the upside." There is no room for expansion into other ventures if it stays on The Hill.

Build out an Olympic Village complex with a new arena. Insert RMU grad housing. Set a new vision with room to grow.

The small minded broadcasters said, "The location decision has been established." click.

Going down this pathway, then, the location decision is out of state. The location decision is UP IN THE AIR. Put all options on the table. Pick a place with big upside. Pick a place that people can get to, in their cars, near their homes, near the airport, with room for expansion.

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