Sunday, December 31, 2006

NEITHER Perzel nor DeWeese

Contact your Representative (and others) NOW and demand that they
vote for NEITHER Perzel nor DeWeese.
Way to go to a lone Democrat (so far) in the PA House who broke ranks and offered his vote against the D party boss, DeWeese.

Seems that DeWeese has time to draft legislation to expand the slots parlors with table games. But DeWeese has no need to contact his own party member about rules to reform the operations of the PA House.

Stripping Democrats who voted against the pay raise of committee positions was an obvious abuse of power by Mr. DeWeese. Those committees had nothing to do with legislative pay, why would it affect them? Mr. Caltagirone rightly does not support an individual that abuses power.

To Joe R,, (and I agree fully, as he posted on another list) what is more impossible to believe is that any Democrat would support a power abuser. Each legislator needs to be able to vote as they see fit without coercive threat from Mr. DeWeese. Please speak to the Democrats about an alternate leader.

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Jim Salvas said...

If no Democrat should support a power abuser, as you say, then why should one support John Perzel, who has been abusing his power in the House for years? Perzel has turned against his own city, consistently voting to grab municipal power via taking over operations more properly run by the city.

He was the architect of the pay raise fiasco, engineering the late night vote which passed it.

I might agree on a third candidate other than DeWeese and Perzel, but only if it's a Democrat, since Democrats won their House majority fair and square. Do you have any ideas on how we can bring that about by Tuesday?