Thursday, December 28, 2006

Save Fort Pitt: Save the Fort Pitt Music Bastion!

Save Fort Pitt: Save the Fort Pitt Music Bastion!: "Save the Fort Pitt Music Bastion!
Only two remnants of Fort Pitt can be found at Point State Park. One is the Block House dated 1764 and erected by Col. Henry Bouquet, a leading British military figure of the day. The other is the unearthed (in the 1960s) and partially restored Music Bastion noted by George Washington (...two of which near the land are of brick...). The brick wall, next to which ran the moat, sits well below ground level in what appears, from even close by, to be a wide, deep, and pointless ditch. It is marked by a bronze plaque, but barely interpreted at all. The fact that the walls are so far underground is fascinating in itself, and speaks not only to the changes to the land made by man, but also the power of river flooding, through which nature is always seeking to resculpt the earth."

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