Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dan Onorato defending himself on arena and slots deals dealings

Dan Onorato is on the counter-attack with the noise generated by recent 'fix is in' talk. He went onto the Honz Man show on Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm. John Stagerwald has been on a few shows making noise about how the gambling mess and saying there was a lot of back channel arm twisting.

I ranted a bit about this buzz at city hall today in a 3 minute pitch.

Dan Onorato denies the saga that was unfolded by the journalist. Onorato wants names to be named too.

We might be splitting hairs in this one point, but Dan says that under any of the proposals, local tax dollars won't be used for the building, as is the case with PNC Park and Heinz Field. Zero is the amount, he contends, go from public sources into the building. To Dan, that was a good position to be in.

The IOC plan puts for $290-million, clean, and simple, so says Dan. There is no local money. This is a total different position that is out there.

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