Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pine-Richland votes for $41.7 million cap on expansion project

Sorry, but this smells bad. I don't approve of phantom budgets and pie in the sky numbers that are not real, only to pass the board. When votes don't mean diddly, nor does democracy.
Pine-Richland votes for $41.7 million cap on expansion project Vice President Richard Herko cast the lone dissenting vote. He said he realized the number was 'imaginary,' in that the board has no intention of spending that amount for construction, 'but it feels like a real one.'
More power to them for fixing up the schools and even moving along on the acceptance of a very large and healthy grant to build an indoor 50-meter swim pool. But, be square with numbers and votes and the process of self government.

Accountability matters.

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1crosbycat said...

As I am searching for the expansion report from July 2008 I stumbled upon this. Does the 4 mil tax hike cover this project, or the employee pension problem (which I could not bear researching to comprehend), or what? I am glad I am not the only one wondering what's going on, even after reading all the minimally useful meeting minutes and trying to watch the meetings on tv. Much of one new floor seems to be for STEM, from what I saw from 4-12 mtg. I wondered if this mysterious new STEM curriculum (looks like it will make math and science into interconnected labs and group projects, which require more space-less able to share space), which has never been presented to parents, is causing the high price or if it is just the typical cost of such an expansion. Next meeting is Monday 4/26 maybe it will be interesting.