Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Calling All Citizens.... Events for this week include:

Community Candidate for Pgh's City Council, Mark Rauterkus, hosts two events to discuss policies of our neighborhood and Pittsburgh this week:

You're invited. Bring your questions. Free and open to to the public.

8 pm on Wednesday, Feb 8 at South Side Athletic Club 2026 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 412.488.1120

6:30 pm on Thursday, Feb 9 at Three Rivers Fitness & Sports Medicine Center
3216 Fifth Avenue, Oakland, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 412.621 8380

When you attend, you'll be able to get, for free, a copy of the campaign CD featuring messages from Mark Rauterkus coupled with recorded songs, perfect for our city these days:

Lay The Shovel Down,
Think Again,
Don't Put Me In a Box,
A Nation of Burgers and Fries
Story: Diamonds (about baseball),
Poem: Suffering Democracy.

For further info,, 412 298 3432

Election day: March 14, 2006.
Framework for Mark Rauterkus: Freedom, Future, Fitness and Flow

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