Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Olympic Contests Launched

Let's have some fun with the start of the Olympics. I'm helping to promote a little contest. You too can promote it was well. It is simple.

USA, USA, USA --- and Hockey fame! This is a photo of the recent movie, Miracle on Ice, taken in China outside a cinema there.

Make a guess (or prediction) of the NUMBER of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals that are going to be won by the USA at the Winter Olympics in 2006.
Gold = ____
Silver = ____
Bronze = ____

Make a guess (or prediction) by ranking the top five nations in terms of total medals won at the Olympics in 2006:
Country with the most total medals = ___________
Country getting 2nd most in total medal count = ___________
Country getting 3rd most in total medal count = ___________
Country getting 4th most in total medal count = ___________
Country getting 5th most in total medal count = ___________

Submit your answers with name, age, address, and email to, or post them on the blog,, or put them on paper and submit them to Three Rivers Fitness and Sports Medicine Clinic in Oakland, 3216 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. (Call 412.621 8380 for directions.)

Note, all answers are due on or before Feb 13, 2006. Entries on the 14th or later are not eligible for a prizes.

Cost nothing to enter. Prizes for the winners are pending, but will include a number of good things -- we promise. I'm sure winners can will get a new Liberty XL t-shirt, an artistic Pittsburgh button and a free CD of great music that includes the tune, "Lay the Shovel Down," and "Think Again."

Entries can be posted on the blog, here. Or, via email to, or handed over to the front desk workers at Three Rivers Fitness and Sports Medicine Center in Oakland. No official entry form is necessary. Please, one entry per person, per contest.

The aim of the contest is to make the Olympics more enjoyable for the kids of all ages. This might give more motivation to watch, research and read about in the events in newspapers and on the web. The contest can be an exercise among families and friends in terms of global and sporting literacy.

Additional prize donations are being accepted. If you'd like to print up your own entry forms, go for it. Then you'd be able to hand them out to your classroom or school children.

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