Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Champion Steelers parade through clogged Downtown

Champion Steelers parade through clogged Downtown Several people reported feet or ankles were run over.

My heart does NOT bleed for these big footed, foolish fans. I don't think that the cars ran up and onto the sidewalks.

Heck, when #36, went past, where I was standing to watch, I could not even see what type of car he was ridding upon. It could have been a skateboard for all I could see. The women next to me didn't see The Bus at all -- until he was a block down the street. There, that's his brown coat. She did get a peek at the S.B. trophy when he raised it into the air however.

Why didn't The Bus ride upon a PAT Bus? Or, why not even a school bus?

I spoke today at City Council Chambers -- and gave the police a letter grade of "A" for their efforts after the game on Sunday night. (See the post yet to come.) At the parade today, they grade isn't as high.

Seemed like the players and parade participants needed a good blocking back. Where is Rockey, #20, when you need him. They did squeeze through the crowd -- but #7 had more room to spare in his Super Bowl Touch Down than was provided today along the route.

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