Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scranton is out of race for PA Governor. Lynn Swann is too much -- with the Super Bowl en 'at.

Scranton's campaign for change goes poof and he is wise to call it quits. He challenged the status quo by standing with the people for clean government and honest reform. We do believe Pennsylvania deserves a government that does its business openly, and in the clear light of day. Public service is the highest calling and it is the first duty of elected leaders to conduct the people’s business with integrity.

Scranton's campaign for governor has been about renewing Pennsylvania and calling on the leaders to return to our historic platform of limited government and personal responsibility. Without these changes, Republicans risk losing the confidence of the people and Pennsylvania’s stalled return to greatness may never occur.

Pennsylvania’s Republican establishment was opposed to Scranton's call for an open primary.

Scranton was sure to wish his best to both Lynn Swann and Jim Panyard. He is going to extend full, unequivocal support to the nominee that emerges in May.

Lynn Swann on Bill Scranton Exiting the Race

Bill Scranton made a difficult decision today. I applaud him for his leadership, both in the past as Lt. Governor and today as someone with an interest in seeing the Republican Party unified as we move towards our ultimate goal - defeating Ed Rendell. I look forward to working with Bill and his supporters.

Bill's competition for this nomination has contributed a great deal to the debate about making the Commonwealth a better place for all Pennsylvanians. We all agree on one thing, Pennsylvania must do better.

Our current governor thinks Pennsylvania is as good as it can be. I know we can do better, and I look forward to a spirited campaign revolving around the issues important to Pennsylvania families.


Anonymous said...

This a sad day for PA. We are now no better than the idiots in CA and Minn who would rather vote for a celebrity than someone who understands what is involved in passing legislature. If Swann is elected it will take him 4 yrs to understand what is happening in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

how come a handful of delegates from the republican party got to make the choice on who was nominated in february? what's the point of the primary in may? and we wonder why no one bothers to come out and vote. what a crock...

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm not able to reply to the questions about the GOP. They are hard to defend and that's not my job, thankfully.

But GOPers will still have two names on the ballot, it seems, come May. Swann and Panyard.