Saturday, December 09, 2006

100 days and a Bob O'Connor birthday passes

Today is the birthday of the late mayor, Bob O'Connor. We miss you Bob.

Luke's been the mayor for 100 days.

Tom Murphy was mayor a year ago, finishing his 12 year term at the boss in city hall and of the D party in the city. About this time last year there was a photo of all the 'shovels' in Tom's office being cleared out as he was packing to leave.
That's plays right into the song, "Lay the Shovel Down."
In the last 100 days, we've had a chance, be it fleeting, to nuke the notion of the building of the tunnel under the Allegheny River. Now we look to the bypass being closed for a year so it will be harder to drive from the South (airport) to the Convention Center.

MacYapper was defending Tom Murphy last night on his show. Many of the ills we face in this city are going to be holding us back for years to come -- thanks to Tom Murphy. We've got to pin some blame on him and have it leave town so we can get to the solutions. But, we need to understand the past and history -- else we are sure to repeat the same mistakes.

I think it is a mistake for the mayor's office and its administration to do a lot of slow-dances with the neighborhood development coroporations. Murphy did a lot of swapping of spit with them. City council still does.

Last week Jim Motznik gave away (like it is his to give) $2,500 to a re-start of the Overbrook neighborhood group.

We need development groups. But, we need to get these relationships into a tighter focus. Bob O'Connor gave those interactions some focus in jump starting the redd up campaign. He had people putting on the work gloves and getting away from the blueprints and building of new upscale condos -- condos that take eight to ten years on average to be finished and another few to finally sell. (I'm a bit overboard. Some have sold quickly. All have taken long to materialize.)

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