Saturday, December 09, 2006

City Clerk & Webmaster for City of Pittsburgh -- Run with this Google Calendar for Pgh City Hall

Update: Some weirdness showed in the Google Calendar with meeting time shifts (as the wrong time zone was established) and the length of meetings. The start time and end times are the same now. So, it looks like this is ready for prime time.

My Christmas wish to Linda Johnson-Wasler, Clerk for City of Pittsburgh, and the Webmaster for the City.Pittsburgh web site -- a Google Calendar called Pittsburgh City Call.

I've set it up and can hand it off to you. Next, you'll need to feed it and leverage it within the City of Pittsburgh site. The gift comes from Google too. I've set up a Google Calendar and made it public and call it Pittsburgh City Hall. Come one, come all.

As of Friday, the city's website did NOT tell the public that there will be meetings on Dec. 18 and 19 (Monday and Tuesday) rather than the traditional dates (Tuesday & Wednesday). Meetings are shifted from time to time around Christmas. No big deal, unless you come the wrong date. Plus, a meeting is slated for December 27, 2006. Two meetings are also slated for the first week of January 2 & 3, 2007.

Yes, this is the 'hardest working legislative body' around, so says Doug Shields. Well, proving it on a Google Calendar is easy with these new utilities.

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