Tuesday, December 05, 2006

graffiti.maverick - on my exploratory committee...

graffiti.maverick - on my exploratory committee... I've always pretty much acknowledged that given my wacky politics and my refusal to join either party I couldn't win, but now I'm thinking if a 26 year old, with no real experience, can be mayor. Why not me. So I told Mike I'd form an exploratory committee to look into the idea. (no one just announces they're running for office. You always need to form a committee to investigate the possibility).

Welcome to the exploratory committee!
Josh had some pull with the media because he was still in high school.

LeRoy might have some great pull now, because he's in heaven.

This guy has a blog, at least.

It wouldn't be too hard to get onto the ballot, even as a Republican. But, you'll need to work about an hour for each of five signatures. So, you need 200 -- then you might expect to slave for 40 hours. And, the work needs to happen in a three week period.

To run for mayor as a candidate outside the D and R party, increase the workload by 20 times, at least.

As for electability, you are not only pretty, but modest as well. That combination is potent, as Bob O'Connor proved in 2005. In 2001 the public wasn't looking for pretty. In fact, our internal polls show that in 2001 pretty was a handicap. But, the trends may have shifted. Catch that wave, if you can.

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