Friday, December 01, 2006

Honz show: Voter in Plum gets away with fraud

Solutions offered on the air by my call in:

First: If a voter is not known to the poll workers and fails to present I.D. before voting, the voter should be asked to dip his finger into an ink bottle. The purple thumb is a mark of voters in the middle east. It could work here too to snag people who might run around from poll to poll to vote for others who don't generally vote.

Second: Take everyone's photo before they vote. Use a digital camera or video, like a security camera used in schools or a gas station / retail store. Then when the real voter arrives and a conflict is noted, the authorities will have a photo of the one who created the voter fraud. If the chances of being caught on tape are high, then that type of fraud might not occur. But still, the multiple voters would need to be punished and spend five years in jail or with house arrest.

The guest on the KDKA Radio show was from the Allegheny County GOP, Dave M. (spelling?)

Fred H (show host) blames the Dems for always blocking voter ID use at the polls.

My solution is cheap. An ink pad at each polling place might cost $1. And, it would be darn effective. The person might get two votes, but not a third. And, a video camera at the doorway could go a long way to curb those who vote under false names.


Anonymous said...

Yep it's rampant in NH - voter fraud done mostly by Democrats

Matt H said...

Digital camera to be bought for each and every polling place in the county? They can't even teach the workers how to use the touch screen machines! How do you expect them to use a digital camera?

Video camera? Do you know how expensive this would be?

It's an idea that would never happen.

Mark Rauterkus said...

A security camera that is set up, even outside the doorway, would not be hard to do.

And, the beauty is that they would NOT need to have every polling place covered. A few would go a long way.

And, if necessary, this could be sub-contracted to poll watchers from outside and it might not even need to cost the county any additional money.

Finally, once you catch a couple of people, the fines that they must pay could cover the costs of some equipment.