Monday, December 04, 2006 / News / Vilsack returns to his boyhood home

I didn't go out of my way to see the political guy from Iowa -- err -- from the 'Burgh. But, I should have. I'd be interested in getting some feedback on the visit and events. What did you think? / News / Vilsack returns to his boyhood home: "Vilsack returns to his boyhood home
By Susan Schmeichel | Sunday, December 03, 2006

PITTSBURGH — At age 5, “Tommy” Vilsack loved chicken pot pies and orange Popsicles, the Iowa governor’s former baby sitter reminisced Saturday during the Democratic presidential candidate’s visit to his boyhood neighborhood.

Vilsack’s campaign stop Saturday in Pittsburgh was part of the candidate’s five-state “Courage to Create Change” tour which began Thursday in Mount Pleasant with his formal announcement of his candidacy. The Democratic governor returned to Des Moines on Saturday night to attend a fundraiser before continuing on to stops in Nevada and South Carolina. "

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Anonymous said...

Five years ago I interviewed Tom Vilsack on a Walk Across Iowa. It is the second interview on Episode 59 of "Perils For Pedestrians", now available on Google Video at:

Contents of Episode 59 (2001):
--A new safety device for transit buses.
--Governor Vilsack walks across Iowa.
--The Fifth Annual Native American Lifesavers Conference in Bismarck, ND.
--Pedestrians form 25 percent of traffic fatalities in Indian Country.
--Bike-Walk Virginia meets in Charlottesville, VA.
--An old pedestrian mall is seeing new life in Charlottesville, VA.
--The League of American Bicyclists hosts a legislative summit in Washington, DC.
--The Thunderhead Alliance promotes local bicycle advocacy.

Thank you.

John Z Wetmore