Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sell the PA Turnpike... Look to the future of transportation and a better idea

So, they are taking bids for the sale of the PA Turnpike. Get your bid in by the end of the year. It took about ten years to get gambling expansion in the state. But the PA Turnpike can sell in six weeks. What's up with the rush?

How about if we take our best bid, and then hold a state-wide referendum.

This is how we'll get around Pennsylvania after selling the PA Turnpike and its owners go out of business years later due to infrastructure decay.

In China, when you purchase property, you can only buy it for 99 years. That's all. You purchase a house, you've got the deed for 99 years. You sell the house in 10 years, you can sell the deed for 89 years.

If PA sells the PA Turnpike, I think we should NOT sell it FOREVER. Sunset the sale. Sell the PA Turnpike for 99 years. Or, sell it for 30 years.

Don't sell the PA Turnpike forever. Then in 99 years, we'll be able to sell it again. In 99 years, our great grandkids will be able to reap another windfall from this deal.

It was stupid to sell the gambling casino licenses for $50-million without an EXPIRATION DATE. The licenses should be for 30 years on gambling. Then in 25 years, we can 'think again.' Really, it is our kids that will be able to think again. Let them decide what to do with their world.

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