Friday, July 13, 2007

130 comments later, "No Matter What" -- a campaign for the status quo

I posted on another blog something that needs to be repeated:

The best reason was JUST IDENTIFIED by Char. I think it could be deployed by Luke as a campaign message:

Luke Ravenstahl: "No Matter What."

Others want to deploy fear, uncertainty, doubt, taxes, and failed logic --- not me.

Envy is an emotion that occurs when a the city's politicians lack another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it... Look up the wikipedia definition and wear ENVY, if you wish.

The way to straighten a world that is upside-down is to do what I am saying. Stop the spreading of what is upside down. Do not tax UPMC, (nor oil companies). Rather, prevent future net land expansion by all non-profits here. Then as conditions (inventory) are understood, begin to contract the holdings of nonprofit land with a reduction of city-owned property.

The city is in a very bad state because it has NOT been honest with itself. The "no matter what attitudes" have prevailed.

Let's work to end the upside-down folly with logic on our side.


EdHeath said...

The context of Char's statement was the she felt UPMC would raise rates/charges whether taxed or not, in other words, "no matter what". So it really wasn't about Luke, although perhaps it could be applied as some sort of rallying cry. Of course, simply saying that UPMC will raise rates does not cover the question of how much UPMC will raise rates/charges. We might want to try to control that rise.

The problem with your suggestion of blocking UPMC property expansion and forcing them to expand upwards, is that UPMC could move right over the city line. It would be awkward for the medical school, but I am sure several researchers would like their workplace to move closer to Cranberry. The trick is to find the "voluntary" contribution that is high enough to help bail out the city without forcing the same behavior as your ban on future UPMC expansion. I am encouraged by the fact that other cities have been able to do this, apparently. And agreed upon higher than now contributions would help the city government plan for the future.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I know I took the 'No Matter What' statement to another purpose. But, the purpose is all about status quo. It is about being a slave of history.

I want to make history. I want to be proactive for the right reasons with the right goals in mind -- so we thrive in the long run.

UPMC has moved outside the city. There are UPMC offices throughout the region -- from Level Green to Cranberry to South Hills.

The researchers don't want to be away from the subjects, stats support, experts, students, employees, and such. It is bad, IMHO, to have Childrens' move to another neighborhood.

It is fine, however, to move the administrators to the USX tower downtown.

You can't easily move an operating room -- patients -- or doctors making rounds and doing other duties too.

The medical complex is and should be that -- a 'complex.'

City government can't plan for the future with phantom budgets and phantom incomes. A false hope on money from those that won't pay is not honest.

Healthcare is in a revolution. Some want to nuke all insurance companies. Single payer is pressing. Hillary care -- whatever. Many community hospitals are defunt. Mercy - gone. Etc., etc. The last thing we should put to them is a 50-year tax promise. It isn't prudent.

The voluntary part is not going to be forthcoming.

Yes, that is a 'trick' as you call it. We don't need 'tricks' to get healthy. A plan for the future shouldn't be built on 'tricks.'

The city has to plan for its future -- on its own. UPMC has not been a hurdle for the city to plan for its own future. UPMC is not a crutch for Grant Street.

Finally, the notion of: 'we might want to try to control that rise' in healthcare costs is NOT a real option. There are other things to try first. And, there is no way this can occur -- as city government can't even control its own animal policy and the county can't control the Canadian Geese at North Park. How in the world can Grant Street get a grip on healthcare costs when it can't even get a grip on 'stray cats.'