Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting into the golf bogies now for the sake of public trust about nonprofits

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Local News - Early Returns 'We're not commenting on anything,' an employee told us. 'It's a private golf event.'
Shame on you. What employee said that?

The public figure attended a private event. The public wins out on disclosure.

The private event is for a nonprofit. The nonprofit has a duty to be open and transparent so it keeps its nonprofit status. It the Mario events aim to be private -- then the organization has squandered its duty as a nonprofit. It has lost the trust of the people. It should depart with the nonprofit status.

A private organizaiton can make a donation to a nonprofit. However, the private organization does NOT get nonprofit status. The money that the nonprofit collects is NOT tax exempt.

With answers like the one's above, Mario's nonprofit, good-will, and charity centered activities and organization is doomed. That is NOT service to the community.

The Mario organization needs to come clean with the press and the public on its affairs. Those matters are PUBLIC affairs. Don't continue to hide information.

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