Friday, July 27, 2007

Republicans shy away from proposed YouTube debate

These other Rs are chicken to face off in a modern format because they know that the older gentleman, Ron Paul, will crush them. Ron Paul rocks on the internet. Ron Paul has rocked at the last debates too.
Rudy has to play defense now and he is slipping. And, he'll slip farther and farther down in the view of the public.
Republicans shy away from proposed YouTube debate It looks like the Republican candidates for President won't have to answer questions from snowmen anytime soon, as their Democratic counterparts recently did.

Plans for a CNN/YouTube debate for the GOP seemed to be melting Thursday after front-runner Rudy Giuliani said scheduling conflicts would keep him away from the Sept. 17 faceoff. Formal invitations went out Thursday.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

Of course the Republicans are going to shy away from this. Of course, it was a cool idea, but it fell into the laps of the Democrats.

The Internet YouTube questions are Democrat friendly: bash Bush, bash Republicans, cater to controversial issues like global warming.

I have zero faith in serious, thoughtful questions from the YouTube crod when it comes to objectively questioning Republicans.

Yes, Ron Paul does well with this youthful-skewing, NON REPUBLICAN YouTube crowd. CNN would simply make it as uncomfortable for the Republicans as possible.

Yes, Ron Paul NEEDS, DESPERATELY NEEDS this type of attention.

Despite his Internet-savvy supporters, very few are Republicans who will actually vote for him.

Rudy would be assailed for sure by this non-objective, tedious display.