Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Water Polo is "on" -- the pool is fixed

Yesterday we faced TWO closed swim pools.

A plastic part on the filter at the Crafton Swim Pool broke late Sunday night. So, we heard that Monday's water polo was not to happen. It was a freak break that forced the closing of the pool throughout the day on Monday.

Later the day we headed over to our neighborhood swim pool, Ormsby. But a power line transformer on a nearby telephone pole had blown. Sounded like a gun shot, so they said. Power was out to a few blocks in the South Side around the swim pool. Without the pumps flowing the water of the pool through the filters it isn't okay to open the swim pool.

Twice in one day we headed out to take a swim and couldn't go.

Infrastructure matters. Makes me want to swim in the rivers, sorta.

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