Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Top Pitt defensive end arrested

Top Pitt defensive end arrested Pitt senior standout defensive end Joe Clermond was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana Saturday night.
Darn it. Here comes more injury due to the senseless war on drugs.

A small amount of marijuana can lead to big troubles. That sucks. Pittsburgh's finest have important jobs to do. Sticking marijuana charges on a car load of young people after a hip-hop concert isn't a high priority.


Lie Like Luke said...

The inclusion of recreational psychoactive drugs on the DEA's Schedule I Narcotics List has nothing to do with protecting public health or rational public policy, and all to do with ideology/religion and bloated agency budgets.

In the context of the number of deaths and disabilities caused by the two legal drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, and epedemic obesity, the logic, and cost, of the War on Drugs is baffling.

Mark Rauterkus said...

You wrote it well. Thanks!

And you'd think that this guy, a Pitt Football Player, is not going to be worried about obesity, right!

Let's end the war on drugs. There must be better ways for all involved.

Once the obvious is understood -- then we'll need politicians to take the lead (or follow) and make the necessary changes to public policy.