Tuesday, July 17, 2007

John Edwards hits the trail at the Hill House to talk about poverty. "We" were there!

The big buzz at our seats in the balcony at The Hill House before the start of the John Edwards event was about the use of the "Royal WE." Well, we were there. Erik and I attended.

Jon Delano says he 'never uses it.' Other bloggers were in the house! We get to clap when we hear something we like. The slaves in the MSM don't.

A number of big points were made on stage that are worthy of blogging.

John Edwards is in favor of "Magnet Schools." We I shook his hand as he was about to depart, I said, "Keep up the strong messages about magnet schools." He said he will. Erik attends a middle school magnet, Pittsburgh Frick. And, our elementary school is also a magnet, Pittsburgh Phillips. Grant goes there and Erik did as well.

John Edwards thinks, as do I, that we need great urban schools. They need to be so good that our suburban parenting peers are willing to send their children to our magnet schools too. Not all of them, of course. But, this is one technique to bridge the concept that we don't live in ONE AMERICA. Rather, we have the wealthy suburban communities and the poverty heavy city schools.

The urban magnets are important stepping stones to more equity throughout our region. John Edwards understands this. For that, I can clap and cheer.

More to come later.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

Magnet Schools will never be an important issue with the Pittsburgh Public Schools.


Unions. As someone who attempted to bring a business-related Charter School to Pittsburgh, the number one objection permiated by elected leaders was the fear that the teachers would NOT be union members.

Charter Schools, although they are Public Schools, are treated as Private Schools with non-union teachers.

As a result, the elected school board will fight against each and every proposed Charter School. We don't have many of them in Pittsburgh as a result. I believe the school system needs to have a few to avoid any real scrutiny from the feds.

It's unusual for a left-leaning candidate like John Edwards to boast Charter Schools. I applaud candidate Edwards for the effort.

It's just going to go anywhere in Pittsburgh because the "powers that be" won't let it happen.