Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Campaign promise that goes beyond the campaign

Preamble: Why is the DeSantis website without the pledge points? I want to quote the source.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Local News - Early Returns Mr. DeSantis also said he will release a plan to keep the city out of bankruptcy, and asked the mayor to do the same.
I would NEVER agree to that pledge. That is a bogus pledge request among a list of campaign offers. However, the reporting of the request is also in doubt.

This "REQUESTED PROMISE POINT" -- goes out of the realm of a campaign challenge. DeSantis might as well offer to stay sterile for the time that he is in office, and force Luke to do the same. Neither of the guys have children. And, no recent mayor was in office while a baby was delivered. It would be a huge competitive advantage for Luke to become a father while in the mayor's office in a race against DeSantis. Even the news of a baby shower would send Luke's approval ratings through the roof. DeSantis won't want to compete against baby photos N@, even in 2009. Talk about being a vedor for the city will be put on its head after mom and dad depart UPMC McGee.

Point being, pledge challenges about campaigns should focus on behaviors of the campaign. Don't make a framework challenge that talks about city outcomes for years to come. Rather, raise those issues in another set of leadership and policy points.

I think it is important to know that DeSantis is going to do everything in his power to insure that the city NEVER go bankrupt. That is a prime motivation for the DeSantis campaign. Something is in the air with that.

Leading the city to bankrupt status is something that was celebrated by Tom Murphy. He was so happy to get the distressed label. Getting there and pinning blame is a big snowball -- on a hot summer day. But what is harder to figure is the future.

If the city goes bankrupt -- then what?

The city has been on the brink. The city is very heavy with debt. The city might want to go bankrupt. I'm not sure. But, I'm sure I want to keep that open as an option.

The sky is falling. And, the sky will continue to fall for the next generation or two. We need to know how bad it is. How bad it will get given various options. And, how in the world it is going to be put onto a normal status again.

Will my child, now age 9, ever have any hope of living in Pittsburgh when he is an adult? Has the overspending of the past decades been so great that the one's that stay will never be able to catch up?

Opportunities can't come to Pittsburgh when the public debt is such that it crushes the people, the taxpayers, the economy, and many other sectors. So, if Luke or Mark has a child while in office in the next two year term, and either one of them become a dad, like me, will they be able to look the child in the eye and say that Pittsburgh is a place where anything is possible.

Pittsburgh has been driven to ruin. Turning to bankrupt status might not be such a bad option.

2PJ has the point in question:

#3: The candidates put forth a plan to prevent the City of Pittsburgh from entering bankruptcy. The plan will be submitted by both candidates on or before October 1, 2007;

That point does NOT wash as a viable point in the document. DeSantis should re-do the contract and take that framework plank out of the campaign behavior agreement.

Of interest to me, the last point calls for 8 (eight) debates to happen AFTER August 1. That's the date of of deadline for putting in as a 3rd party candidate.

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