Friday, July 13, 2007

McCain's "Straight Talk Express" Hits the Ditch

Sounds like a local story of a city council aid who calls locals from a city phone.
McCain's "Straight Talk Express" Hits the Ditch ... John McCain, in the Senate Republican cloakroom, making a conference call to 'his top fund-raisers to urge them to keep up the fight.

'The call, however, may only have exacerbated an already tough week for Mr. McCain. Senate ethics rules expressly forbid lawmakers to engage in campaign activities inside Senate facilities. If Mr. McCain solicited campaign contributions on a call from government property, that would be a violation of federal criminal law as well.'


We have long regarded Senator McCain as a hypocritical opportunist, lacking both the political integrity and emotional temperament to be President.
This is piling on as another bites the dust.

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