Thursday, July 19, 2007

McKeesport history in focus, Libertarian film producer in town

McKeesport history in focus The film should offer more than just accounts of personal tragedy and triumph; Mr. Wilson said political and economic forces will also be examined.

A self-described libertarian, Mr. Wilson said his experience in McKeesport has made him question his own political views.

'One of the things that concerned me about the town was that the government is stepping in and doing this top-down development and that, to me, seems wrong. I believe the government should be involved in as little as possible.

'But I think there is a point that you get to in a city like McKeesport, where, if that doesn't happen, the city is doomed,'' he said.

'They're kind of doing it the right way,' he added. 'They're building infrastructure here ... but they're also giving business big tax breaks,' he said.

Mr. Wilson said his goal in McKeesport is to create a film that is apolitical ...

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