Friday, July 13, 2007

Weed Killers thoughtout town by private contractors

Carl S called me after I put my cell phone number within a blog posting elsewhere to raise concerns about some actions he has witnessed within the community. The 3-1-1 number may work, as it should, for some instances, but calling me (412 298 3432) gets you a blog posting too.

A private contractor working for who-knows who is spraying some wicked weed killer all around town. This goes under billboards, next to roads, along sidewalks, so he says.

The root chemical is much like "agent orange." It is toxic as can be with 98 percent as an inert agent, i.e., kerosene. Look up 'herbicides' on Google, or at Skin rashes and other side effects are unleashed with the spread of these poisons.

Is this just happening in the western parts of the city and county? It occurs in Crafton too.

Furthermore, plenty of folks are up in arms at a recent meeting or two in the west neighborhoods. A bunch of folks clashed against the Housing Authority. If police had not been at the meeting, Carl could have seen someone
getting hung -- literally.

The city got a grant of some sort from HUD and is in the process of buying 30 houses in certain neighborhoods in that part of town. (Sheraden, I think.) These are then going to be 'given' to folks who had been flooded out ofBroadhead Manor a few years ago.

Some lawyer (it seemed) young woman from the Housing Authority started the meeting at the podium and got blasted by follow-up questions from those in the audience. It got nasty from there. Others had to step in to field a long list of concerns.

Carl stresses that this isn't an issue of race at all. Folks in the audience are both black and white.

Stay tuned. There will be a Zone 3 public safety meeting, again, on Wednesday night. I'd love to get his reactions on a podcast in the future.

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Matt H said...

It's Sheraden.

It's an absoloue that HACP is buying these homes in my area like they are. The HACP should do the right thing and not pollute the neighborhood.