Sunday, July 15, 2007

DeSantis staff and PR

Kerry may have to ketchup - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review DeSANTIS SHORES UP STAFF. Republican Pittsburgh mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis has tapped a former WTAE-TV newscaster to be his press secretary.

DeSantis announced last week that Meghan Jones has joined his campaign.

Jones resigned from WTAE in January 2006 after five years with the station to pursue a full-time legal career. She is an attorney and adjunct professor of media law and regulation at Duquesne University.

DeSantis will take on Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl in November in the special election to fill the remaining two years of the late Bob O'Connor's term.
When I first heard the news, former WTAE person, I thought of Lynn Cullen. Then I wondered, did Johnny Mac work at TAE too?

I hope Megan can blog! We'll find out shortly.


Anonymous said...


I realize that blogging is important, but, given the age demographics of our city, and the general population as well, and those who don't blog or have internet access (which is more the case than you would want to believe), don't you believe that its going to take pressing the flesh as well. He's going to need to connect to the people in a medium far greater than a blog.

I'm hoping the guy shows up on the door steps upon many of the parts of this city, especially those parts that are ignored. I would take that as someone who does want to connect and is serious about getting to know the citizens of our great city.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yes, of course.

The candidate and his helpers need to go door to door with press the flesh opportunities as well as with literature / handouts / mini printed statements / invites to other bigger gatherings.

However, this is a big city. He needs to talk to many people as often as possible -- rather than 1 on 1. The small groups are good when a larger group isn't handy or able to be created. But, often, a 1 to many conversation can also occur on the net and with the media.

The bloggers and net is a way to energize his supporters, coordinate outreach, and -- as talked about in another thread in another blog -- preach to the choir.

Thomas Leturgey said...

There needs to be A LOT more of both from the DeSantis camp. Bringing Meghan Jones in is a coup, as I believe she was a member of the Young Republicans group before she went to Channel 4.

I'm quite certain the Allegheny County Young Republicans group is now defunk. They haven't been heard from since the first Jim Roddey election.

There needs to be far more Mark DeSantis news as his credible involvement in the race is the only way to raise more funds.

Anonymous said...

Does DeSantis really care? What have we see from him in form of a splash?

He needs to do something...soon.