Monday, July 02, 2007

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

It’s always a little disappointing to see anti-war protests like the one scheduled below, as they almost exclusively feature folks who have nothing going on in the middle of the day, other than have plenty of time to burn at misguided rallies. It’s possible I’d would have more reverence for a group of responsible business and community leaders—not drinking from the public through by the way—which would call for immediate pullouts. That just doesn’t happen.
The scheduled event will be highlighted with a veteran who calls the War in Iraq “reckless.” Nothing in the press release mentions his agenda, but don’t fret, as there is one. Let’s not hear the “he’s a Patriot for standing up against the administration,” as a July 3rd hate speech is the opposite of productive.
To hold such nonsense right before Independence Day is a slap in the face of our men and women overseas and on our own soil. I’ll even use the old chestnut: “They fight so you can protest.”
It is sad that we don’t have a whole lot of “heroes” being showcased in 2007. Marvel Comics killed off Captain America, surely in a thinly veiled way to tweak the Bush Administration for a war that some call unnecessary (I say let the experts do what they know best. Defending this country militarily isn’t in my comfort zone). Even John Rambo was originally supposed to come back and put a boot to Osama Bin Laden’s neck, but instead he will now be slitting the innards of a nameless goon in a little-known jungle somewhere.
Popular culture used to champion our troops, but now there’s barely a peep in support for them.
World Wrestling Entertainment, which made untold fortunes in the 80’s with Cold War Heroes like Hulk Hogan praising the Red, White and Blue. Rival AWA had Sgt. Slaughter vanquishing evil foes. Today, only WWE exists and a Red, White and Blue standard bearer is nowhere to been found. In fact, those heroes might be booed today, what with guys like John Murtha and Ron Paul turning their backs on Good Old Fashioned American Resolve for their own personal plan. Murtha needed a way to cement his legacy of pabulum; meanwhile, Dr. Paul needed something to set the Internet world afire (despite the fact that nearly none of his supporters are Republicans who would be able to vote for him. Republicans are “not cool” to the slackersomethings). Yes, I’m especially hard on Paul, as he’s not a bad guy and I actually agree with some of his other initiatives, but when Bill Maher is pimping your platform and getting applause from his uber-out-of-touch crowd, my pro-military/America stomach churns just a little bit.
Stallone’s other character, the more popular Rocky Balboa even wore Apollo Creed’s flag-emblazoned trunks to the ring when he faced off against Ivan Drago.
If I had my druthers, Captain America would be back stronger than ever, defending the nation’s patriotic causes in comic books that would be sent free-fo-charge overseas to our men and women who want to see unwavering support and not imprudent grandstanding.
We are seeing car bombs being set off in London. Don’t think for a second that if we take our foot off the accelerator, someone will figure out a way to blow a car bomb up here. There have been several foiled attempts to destroy something near and dear to our hearts in America since 9/11. Of course, under-employed protesters don’t care about such issues when there’s an opportunity to sit on the sidewalk and sing protest ditties.
Where are the true American heroes? It’s clear that they are the men and women who proudly serve our country without a complaint. They are the ones who will return to our land, and lead us into the future. Remember, Cindy Sheehan’s own family disowned her for her grandiose pomposity, but you don’t hear much about that.
Happy Independence Day everybody. And God Bless our American Heroes.


The Tulsa Atlas said...

In some ways, Ron Paul would make us safer than most other presidential candidates because he wants strict illegal immigration and border enforcement. That's more likely to stop a terrorist attack here more than anything else.

I don't think Paul is anti-military; he just does not believe in pre-emptive wars. Also, there are tons of young Republicans who like Paul. I am one of them.

Mark Rauterkus said...

That talk is silly to put Ron Paul and Martha in the same cast.

But it is true that the vast majority of humanity on Earth is against the war.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Paul and Murtha are birds of a feather when it comes to the war.

Much of the world is against a lot of things; a lot of the world hates America because of our success.

An anti-war protest on July 3 spits in the face of our war heroes. That is without question.

I'm not saying that Ron Paul won't get some votes...he won't get shut out. He just won't win.

Daryl Rauterkus said...

I disagree with the comment about the "anti-war protestors". My brother and I graduated in the spring of 1970. We both volunteered for military service. We both saw what was happening, with our friends coming home in boxes. We heard all of the "anti-war protests". I think we were heros for volunteering, inspite of the political junk.

Tom said...

First off, you are indeed a hero for volunteering to serve our country. As are my brother-in-law and step-father, who both--to varying degrees--support our administration when it comes to this war.

Our men and women on home soil or abroad need to see support for their efforts on Independence Day. They absolutely do not need to see "smarter than the rest of the room" college students and the disenfranchised rail against what they are doing each and every day.

But then again, our troops probably know to ignore the microcosm that will decry military service, no matter the circumstances. Of course all want to come home as soon as possible. Let them do their job.

Jonathan Potts said...

What you are saying, Tom, is that the most significant decision that this nation's civilian political leadership can make--the decision to go to war--should be beyond question once troops are in the field. I hope that is a standard you are willing to apply to all future administrations.

I also find it curious that it is war protestors who--in your mind-- are dishonoring our troops, when it is the Bush administration which has systematically ignored the advice of many of its top military commanders in the conduct of the Iraq war. It is the Bush administration which has sent ill-equipped troops into the field, then robbed them of adequate medical care once they have returned, with damaged bodies and minds.

But somehow, it is Ron Paul and John Murtha who are spitting in the face of the military. I'm at a loss to understand your logic.

Tom said...

Of course you are, Jonathan, as I'm as familiar with your work as you are mine. It's a classic conservative v. liberal argument.

I'll leave the semantics to that.

We will go around and around on this one. Thank you for responding. I was looking for intelligent debate...I have received it from everyone who responded to my blog.

What I simply said was the heavyset fiftysomething women with huge buttons on their shirts, skrawny kids who think Jon Stewart is their hero, and vets of any era with a chip on their shoulder need to protest, just don't do it on the day before Independence Day.

Give them a break from agenda.

Jonathan Potts said...

If Independence Day is about anything, it's about our right as Americans to stand up to a government that has committed wrongs. Equating the protest of a particular war with disrespect for military service is a way to stifle dissent. That seems about as un-American as you can get.

Tom said...

"Perceived" wrongs. There are plenty of people out there who silently allow the military to go about their business.

Again, we will go around and around on this one. I am not interested in that. Your arguments are as confusing to me as mine are to you.

Perhaps if I didn't have a day job or responsibilities I would have planned a counter protest. But then again all of those people who support what's going on are working too.