Saturday, June 14, 2008

2-fer LTEs (Letters To Editors) against war on drugs and for Barr for President

LTEs on Drug War by Mik and Harold

Mark Crowley:

Do you remember my nagging about using the Barr candidacy to promote libertarian ideas, I suggested a Pgh Post-Gazette editorial about the drug war being an LTE opportunity. Well Mik and Harold both submitted LTEs and they were both printed today -- a two-fer.

Here's the link. Their LTEs are the last ones.


Minds need to change on the drug war

It was disheartening to read about the consequences of the
drug war in the Post-Gazette's June 3 editorial ("Drug War:
In the U.S. and Mexico, the Casualties Pile Up"). There is
no doubt the harm caused by this flawed policy is
far-reaching and has dire effects not only on individuals
but also nations.

This issue must be addressed if there is to be any hope of
eliminating the tragic results of the drug war on people and
communities. Fortunately, there is a candidate who will
initiate a sensible approach to the issue, Libertarian
presidential candidate Bob Barr.

That's right, Bob "Drug Warrior" Barr has realized there is
a better approach and come out against the drug war. He
would completely reorient federal law enforcement
priorities. Clearly there is a better way to approach the
issue of drugs, and I hope Bob Barr can bring some reason on
this issue to Washington, D.C.


Barr can help

I read with interest your June 3 editorial about Mexico and
our failed "drug war," which is really a war against people
and human nature. You noted the elephant in the living room
-- the $400 billion U.S. recreational drug market.

While I don't use drugs other than caffeine and alcohol, and
while I abhor unnecessary violence, I find it both
refreshing and reassuring that many people still take action
to do what's in their own best economic interest, rather
than relying on government handouts.

I'll probably support the Libertarian Party presidential
candidate, former drug warrior Bob Barr, who lately has been
lobbying in favor of states' rights regarding medical
marijuana and for ending the federal government's calloused
role in keeping dying people from getting their medicine.
It's not just cancer patients deprived of their medicine,
slain government officials in other lands and children
caught in the drug dealers' crossfire here at home who are
the victims of this myopic repeat of Prohibition. Mr. Barr
rightly recognizes that our privacy rights also are a

I'm encouraged that Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
also have vowed to let sick people obtain their medicine.
And if Mr. Barr's candidacy does nothing more than prevent
drug warrior and global interventionist John McCain from
attaining the White House, I will consider it a resounding

HAROLD KYRIAZI, Schenley Heights

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