Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Engineers say Schenley is safe, claim there is no asbestos problem in building

Great read.
Engineers say Schenley is safe, claim there is no asbestos problem in building Two engineers claim that if Pittsburgh Public School officials had read their own reports, they would realize that there is no asbestos problem at the Schenley High School building.

Not only should it not be permanently closed, they said, it should reopen in the fall.
This is what we need. MSM coverage of the real story.
“Schenley can open in the fall for zero dollars,” said Lafean. “It is just as safe today as it was when it was built.”

Lafean, an industrial engineer formerly with Westinghouse who also did extensive work for the U.S. Navy, said Superintendent Mark Roosevelt’s $72 million repair estimate—which he said the district cannot afford—is a complete fabrication.

Even if the expenditure was needed, Lafean said, Roosevelt is prepared to spend at least that much to renovate the closed Reizenstein and Milliones middle schools and Frick 6-8 to house the displaced Schenley students. So, he asked, if it’s not about money or about safety, what is it about?

“In all those reports, there is not a single quote from any asbestos abatement firm, ventilation or air conditioning contractor—no one has submitted any bids,” said Lafean. “He just took all the square footage and asked what would a total rehab cost.”

Nick Lardas, owner of Niko Contracting, who earned his civil engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has remodeled several historic buildings including Smithsonian Institute buildings in New York City and Washington, D.C., said Schenley need not be renovated all at once, nor completely gutted to address its issues.
"Bring it on."

Where is the fabrication now?

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