Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SI reporting that the Tiger has just left the building

Report: Tiger to Miss Rest of Season

Days after what he called his "greatest tournament," Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the season because of a left knee that will require more surgery, a person with knowledge of the decision told the Associated Press earlier today. That means Woods will miss a major championship for the first time in his career. "This excitement of this past major championship created a transcendent drama and it may be the one we remember the best of all his majors," said SI senior writer John Garrity. "Not to be able to continue this soap opera the rest of the year is tough. I think we thought it would kind of be an on-again, off-again story and even that would have kept the excitement going for fans. Now the curtain has been pulled back. Sorry, that’s the show for this year. It was fabulous, but it’s over."
Perhaps we'll see Tiger in Beijing in August, soaking up the Olympics, and doing golf's political work to insure that his sport gets inserted into the line-up in future Olympiads.

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