Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bill Peduto holds press conference on Schenley's situation

Bill's plan, with multiple pages, is on his city web site:

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From schenley

Bill Peduto held a press conference moments ago (Thursday morning) in the conference room in city hall to give solid suggestions about the school situation and Schenley High School.

There were three TV stations, two radio stations and two or more newspaper reporters there -- so I'm sure we'll be hearing about it shortly.

In a nutshell -- he says:

* Sell Reizenstein.

Mark Roosevelt wants to move the students out of Schenley High School, a great building and a great school, and put some of them into Reisenstein. Reisenstein was a failed school when it was a middle school -- never a high school. And Reisenstein is a failed builing as a school. Reisenstein was build in the era when they made schools much like prisons -- but worse. There isn't a single window in Reisenstein. A lot of good educational research proves that schools have better test results if they have natural light and windows. Duhh....

* The money from Reisenstein can be used to fix up Schenley!

From schenley

Of course the right thing to do is sell the valued properties. Sell Reisensein -- and -- sell the Oakland location for the Board of Education and Administration. Roosevelt wants to sell the wrong buildings.

We'll watch Bill's city council web site for more details, and the media too.
From schenley

Update: Trib article in comments.


Anonymous said...

Peduto has plans for Schenley High
By The Tribune-Review
Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto said today he has a plan to save Schenley High School.

The historic Oakland high school closed for the summer Wednesday. The city school board plans to vote June 25 on Superintendent Mark Roosevelt's recommendation to shut it down for good because the district can't afford the estimated $76.2 million cost of removing asbestos and repairing mechanical systems.

Peduto said in a statement that a lack of money shouldn't stop the district from making the needed repairs.

At a 1 p.m. news conference today, Peduto plans to announce a "design-build-lease financing plan" based on a Carnegie Mellon University report that details the feasibility of renovating Schenley. The plan would require selling Reizenstein Middle School in East Liberty, which closed in 2006, and redeveloping the site.

A "design-build-lease" plan would require the school district to lease Schenley to a private company that agrees to pay for the renovations. Once finished, the company would lease the school back to the district until the company recoups the costs and turns a profit, according to Peduto's report, "An Innovative Approach to Save Schenley."

The move would spare the district the cost of renovations and sidestep a time-consuming competitive bidding process. The plan would require approval from the state Legislature.

In 1998, Mascaro Construction Co. and architectural firm IKM Inc. renovated the former Allegheny County Jail under a similar financing plan with the county. The building now houses the Family Division of Common Pleas Court and other offices.

Schenley was built in 1912 and had about 1,086 students.

MK said...

listen, all the stuff you do on behalf of Schenley is great, but it's undermined occassionally by your spelling. Today, it's ReiZenstein.

Mark Rauterkus said...

My spelling is a certain character flaw.

When you see em -- let me know.

I'm trainable.