Friday, June 13, 2008

Campaign for Liberty

Attention Ron Paul supporters:

If you haven't heard Ron Paul's big announcement last night, we are entering a new chapter in the freedom movement! Ron Paul announced that he will be leading a new national organization called the Campaign for Liberty!!

Because of this major announcement, and exciting new campaign to spread the message of freedom, peace, and prosperity, the Original Ron Paul Pittsburgh and Western PA meetup group (#97) has undergone an exciting change to show Ron Paul that we are behind him in this new endeavor, and WE WILL CONTINUE THE FIGHT!!!

The Original Ron Paul Pittsburgh and Western PA Meetup Group, is now Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty: Pittsburgh and SW PA!! We are one of the first Ron Paul Meetup Group's in the nation to have undergone this change in support of the new organization. This group's new focus is to facilitate grassroots organization at the local level for Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty.

The Meetup group page has been updated to reflect this new focus: Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty: Pittsburgh and SW PA.

In addition to a new "About us" page, two new meetups have been added: The Revolution March in Washington, DC, on July 12th, and The Ron Paul "Convention" in Minnesota, on September 2nd. In addition to the two meetups already scheduled, a first-ever meetup of Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty: Pittsburgh and SW PA will be called and will be posted in the next few days!! Please look for that, mark your calender, and plan to attend!!

There is good reason for calling the first meetup. In Ron Paul's announcement of his new organization he set two very important goals. First, he asked for 100,000 members by September. Wouldn't it be great to double or triple that number by September? We could if we promote it!! We must get the word out about this new campaign so the goal can be exceeded!!

The second goal he set is to get 11,000 people to Minnesota on September 2nd for his rally/convention! We would like to coordinate the transportation and help with lodging arrangements for as many local supporters as want to expirience that event!!

The third thing that we want to do is discuss new and exciting ways to do something that Ron has asked us to do and that is "SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!" So many people in this country are being forced to chose between option A and option B and don't like either of them! We want to show them that there is a third option, option C (of course, C standing for Constitution). We want to show them that Americans can be free, can be at peace, and can be prosperous at the same time!! It's a message that unites us all regardless of party, or religious affiliation, and regardless of race or social status. It's also the only way to save this nation!!!

So the primaries are over, but it's not the end!! This is just the beginning of the glorious revolution to restore our great republic!! We now know that Ron Paul is stepping up to lead us in the fight through his Campaign for Liberty!!

So please join Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty at, and join the local effort to restore freedom!!!

Any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions you can always email, or click on the "email me" link under the "organized by" section on the meetup page.

Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty: Pittsburgh and SW PA has a site too.

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