Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is today the last day of classes at Schenley? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Is today the last day of classes at Schenley? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "For many students, the finality of the occasion has not yet sunk in.
The finality has not sunk in yet, because it isn't final. There has not been a final vote. This isn't a done deal.

Seems that the students are smarter than the media.

By the way, I talked today with Chelsa Wagner about the schools and the urgency. She needs to get into the game, now, even while the state budget efforts are happening.

A change in a vote from, say Jean Fink, school board member, on Schenley, could mean that the school gets some attention to the ceilings this summer and is open again for next school year -- as it should be.

Chelsa should be calling Mrs. Fink to talk about the plans there and all the costs of moving the students.

Chelsa should care because Schenley is a city-wide magnet. Students from Chelsa's district attend Schenley. And the money that Mark Roosevelt burns with the madness of his high school reform crisis is sure to take away other opportunities for others throughout the city.

"It's kind of sad -- the fact that we'll never be back here again," said Brooke Baumbeck, 15, a freshman from Lawrenceville. "It's just sad."
You are right, Brooke. It is sad. But, it isn't just. It isn't only sad. It is also 'mad.' And, it is very bad.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Hopefully it is. With a public school system having a graduation rate of 52.8% and in debt something needs to be done besides saying not in my back yard.

Anonymous said...

Hey John K -- do you know the scores of the kids at Schenley? Trust me there are 5 other back yards you should be worried about, if you want to be closing bad schools.