Saturday, June 14, 2008

[412] School's out for summer! Now what ...

[412] School's out for summer! Now what ...: "[412] School's out for summer! Now what ...
My latest email blast should also be shared on the blog for those who are NOT on my list.

Hi All,

1. We host a 4th of July party every year -- and you are invited. Arrive around 7 pm. We provide lemon-aid. We'll play badminton in the park at the outset. Rauterkus family 4th of July party is an open house at 108 South 12th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

2. Olympicpedia is the new day camp I'm hosting, as part of a new 4-H chapter. We are meeting from 11 to 1 pm, Monday through Friday, starting June 16, ending July 31.


Check it out. Visit and get set for the arrival of the Olympics in August.

3. Sure, school is out but Schenley High School should reopen in September. I blog about this at It is much cheaper to fix the asbestos this summer (less than $5-million) and not go through all the extra costs associated with moving the students and faculty. A most interesting TV show has been playing on PCTV21. In case you missed it, hear the audio at

Saving Schenley by removing the asbestos is a better solution and far more affordable than the weirdness that Mark Roosevelt proposed -- cloaked in falsehoods. It isn't $76.2-million to fix Schenley like is stated in today's paper. His homework isn't done. His own reports say
he is about $72 million too high.

4. To speak at a public hearing about schools that has been called by the residents of the city for 6 pm, Tuesday, June 17 in city council chambers, 5th floor, City-County Building, Grant Street, call 412-255-2138.

Feel free to forward this email to others. Plus print and post this:


Mark Rauterkus Mark at

412 298 3432 = cell

== text of Olympicpedia brochure ==

Olympicpedia Day camp
11 am to 1 pm, Mondays to Fridays
June & July 2008
CyberConXion - 1710 Murray Ave., Level II, - Squirrel Hill

In advance of the Beijing games, gather with us (experts, adults and kids ages 10 and older) to research, write, illustrate and code multi-lingual alphabet books on Olympic sports.

We'll discuss world-wide current events with a focus on sports and languages. Together, with the direction of coach and publisher, Mark Rauterkus, let's "Create Literate Olympians Here."

Mark at - 412 298 3432
Cost: $10 for annual 4H registration + $6 per day

Begins June 16. Ends July 31. Meets M-F 11 am to 1 pm.

Volunteers, drop-in guests, world travelers and others are welcome to help in this open-source process of collaboration.

Participants get ownership in a venture that deploys concepts detailed in a leading
business book: Wikinomics.

"Billions of connected individuals can now actively participate in innovation, wealth creation, and social developments in ways we once only dreamed of... Mass collaboration across borders, disciplines and cultures is at once economical and enjoyable."

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