Friday, June 06, 2008

TV Show about Schenley High School and the 'sky is falling' falsehoods


In case you missed the show, stay tuned:
  • The show will air on city cable at other times in the weeks to come. (Insert dates and times here.)
  • The show has been recorded with my old, trusted, point the video camera at the tv style of recording. I'll upload it shortly to Blip.TV. (not yet live)

From Amy M:
I just finished watching, with great difficulty, school board member Mark Brently's show on PCT21. I have a satellite dish so I had to watch it on my son's computer which doesn't stream smoothly.

Very good show that you should try to see. The two main points that I want to emphasize:

1. Schenley is not dangerous. Necessary repairs could be done during the summer and students could return in the fall. The two engineers who spoke used school district documentation and walked through the building with school district engineers. The inflated figures that have been given out (by PPS) are extremely misleading but effective in stacking public opinion against us.

2. The news media have refused to tell our side of the story. Where are the investigative reporters to uncover the true story? The Post-Gazette continues to print the misleading $76 million figure.

I am sure that Jen will have more to say about the tv show and our meeting last evening at Hill House. Thanks to the Mark Brently and today's speakers for continuing to try to present the other side of the story.

The next public hearing is June 16. We need speakers. We NEED people to write letters to board members, city council, the newspapers. (and Oprah and Bill Gates!) If you intend to pull your kid out of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, please take the time to send a letter to Mr. Roosevelt and tell him the reason that you are leaving.
amy moore


Anonymous said...

I know I have complimented you before, but after listening to the podcast while I moved around doing other things, I gotta say THANKS. I no longer feel completely like a technological neophyte.

Mark Rauterkus said...

FWIW: There is a part in the show when the sound gets bad. I think that there were problems with the microphone on Nick L. He was given a hand microphone and the sound improved greatly.