Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Schenley High School and public hearing

Date: Tuesday, June 17 at 6 pm in City Council Chambers and it will be on city cable.

Call 412-255-2138

The idea from Tonya Payne and Jim Motznik was to hold the meeting at Schenley High School auditorium. That failed as Council President, Doug Shields, didn't want to make too many waves.

I called to get onto the speakers list. My comments: Save Schenley. Save money.

As to holding the meeting within the public building that Mark Roosevelt wants to abandon, Shields said it would be the wrong signal to send to the school board. Walking onto their turf and getting in their face. Sheilds does not want to position the council to help all parties. This is our venue, our chamber.

We talk about the parents of Schenley. What does that mean. There are others being involved as you talk about blah, blah, blah.

Setting off on a bad foot.

Doug Shields won't put others on the spot. He has little spine.

Patrick Dowd read the homerule charter. He is not a fan of blocking public commentary. He does want to be mindful that this body has zero authority on how to act on school governance. Dowd says we have no authority, no jurisdiction.

We could make a public comment, so says Dowd. We could offer solutions. They would be irresponsible until we were able to comprehend the deep, deep, deep conditions.

To second guess at any way would be reprehensible, until and unless we spent the time requred to know intimately those positions.

What a scolding professor.

Dowd wanted to make a cut-off of speakers. That was not well recieved by both Peduto and Shields. If you RSVP -- up to 5 pm -- you will get to speak for 3 minutes. Others who show up to speak at the meeting you'll be able to get one minute.

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