Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CAPA Parents Voice Concern Of Possible School Merger - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh

CAPA Parents Voice Concern Of Possible School Merger - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh: "CAPA Parents Voice Concern Of Possible School Merger"

CAPA Parents Voice Concern Of Possible School Merger
Parents Feel Decision Overshadowed By Schenley Controversy

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- CAPA High parents spoke out against a plan that would merge the schools their children attend on Monday night.

The proposal calls for the merging CAPA and Rogers CAPA.

Parents said the plan has not received a lot of attention because of the decision to close Schenley High School.

Linda Doernberg is a chairwoman of the Task Force for Excellence and has children that graduated from both schools.

Doernberg voiced her concern about the priority of the possible merger and said, "Shockingly there has been one meeting of the feasibility committee for this merger and it was held on June 11...one meeting."

Opponents said the merge does not make sense financially.

They said if both schools merge, the academic credibility of its staff will decline.
CAPA is not a 'clown car.' I love that sign. I had the photo on this blog weeks ago.

I've been talking about CAPA and Rodgers for many months.

CAPA is a good high school. It is the best in the district with academics. The best should be expanded, if not replicated. The district should expand and allow more students into CAPA, given the extra two floors. Keep CAPA as a school that ranges from 9-12th grade.

Don't put kids in grades 6, 7 and 8 into CAPA. Don't short-change the middle-school experience by cutting out their access to stage space. Don't put yellow school buses on downtown streets. Rodgers is a good school. It should be replicated, not jammed into downtown spaces.

SAVE MONEY. Keep it where it is for now.

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