Friday, July 18, 2008

Beijing steps up battle against smog - World Blog -

Beijing steps up battle against smog - World Blog - Twenty-two days before the Olympic Games open here, the capital is awash in smog – an unseasonably thick haze that seems part pollution, part humidity.
More negative press from the Mainstream Media.

Where did I put those rose colored glasses?

The UK press might have a smog alert feature now -- but have you heard that the site in Londor for the 2012 Games is radioactive!

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Anonymous said...

John K: Smog is there or it isn't there. Beijing (Peking) is geographically located in a spot that is inducive to smog collection. Besides, the problem is so real that they have ordered 1.4 million cars parked. Ah, it must be great to be a communist and just order people to do things you think will make life better for all. Al Gore must be so envious.