Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rev. Burgess rants on the North Side do-good groups

City Councilman, Ricky Burgess, ranted in length from written statements about the Salvation Army and the North Side community groups.

I'd love to get a copy of this statement on the blog. Please send it to me via email or post it to the comments below.

The Burgess rant swings for the fences. It is bold. It comes from his heart.

However, the rant has its roots within the religious community.

Folks, this is NOT about a religious issue. It is a property rights issue.

The historic issue is a smoke screen too.

The ugly side of Pittsburgh has come out on this matter. I wish Ricky Burgess would have taken the stance that this building has owners. Rights are not to be compromised.

The June 26, 2008, public meeting minutes have been lost. City council does not have it. That's interesting.

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